What to do if You Find Active Termites

By Conquest Pest & Termite Control
In April 14, 2016
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If you have found live termites, please DO NOT disturb them, because they will move to another location and therefore make detection and treatment problematic.

Reasons why Conquest Pest and Termite Control complete an inspection before a treatment is done.

  • A complete inspection is an important process in guiding the best treatment for your property.
  • The activity found may not be the only activity; an inspection will find all present activity on your property.
  • There are many varied termite types, and different types can be active in various parts of your property.
  • If termites are found in the yard or a tree, it may be one particular variety; however there may possibly be another variety of termite active elsewhere in your home.
  • The implementation of a full termite management programme which may involve a number of treatment options including the application of a liquid chemical treatment.

Conquest Pest and Termite Control complete a comprehensive termite inspection before recommending any treatment because of the reasons that have been mentioned above. As a result of a complete inspection the Technician can ascertain the most effective and safest treatment that is suitable to the particular problem in each area of the property.

Conquest Pest and Termite Control provide a complete service – starting with the first inspection, to the treatment of any live termite activity found, and then a follow up inspection to make sure that the treatment has been effective.

The inspection is payable on the day.


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