Inspecting the inside and outside of the house before your cockroach service ensures the best results. Our Technician will discuss the service with you.

The areas that will be serviced for cockroaches are the roof, inside and outside and under the home where it is accessible.

The Benefits of Conquest Pest Cockroach Inspections

  • It is SAFE, especially for children and pets.
  • The service will not create disruption to the family, cupboards do not need to be emptied, and there is no need to leave the home while the service is being done.
  • There is generally no odour left after the service.

What the Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technician Will Do

As every home is unique, the Technician will discuss the service which is best suited to your home on the day of the service. The following is a general description of the Conquest Pest and Termite Control cockroach service.


  • The kitchen, bathroom and laundry will be serviced, as well as any other rooms where there is a problem.
  • The Technician will apply a paste in these areas, placing the paste where you and your family will not come into contact with it, but where the cockroaches live and breed.
  • The paste is placed in cupboards and on hinges and electrical equipment, as the cockroaches love these warm places.
  • Liquid chemical may be applied to other areas of the interior such as the skirting boards.

The Roof:

  • The Technician will use a dusting powder in this area. Being mindful of any open airways into the home, so that all powder applied is retained within the roof area.

Under the House:

  • Depending on access and conditions within this area, the Technician may implement a powder or a liquid application; however this will be discussed with you on the day, after he has done a pre-inspection of your home.


  • The Technician will service infested areas using a spray application. The common active areas are – garden sheds, garbage storage areas and fence railings.


  • Our Technician will be able to offer recommendations on how to avoid making your home attractive to cockroaches.
  • A fully accredited Technician will carry out the service.
  • Conquest Pest and Termite Control will call you the day before to confirm the arrival time of the Technician.
  • The paste will be applied where you and your family will not come into contact with it. It will be placed where the cockroaches live and travel, therefore it is very effective in controlling cockroach infestations.
  • The chemicals are deposited in the locations where the cockroaches live and breed, and this speeds the effectiveness of the service up.
  • The service may take up to 14 days to be fully effective. The reason being – the cockroaches themselves pass the chemical on, as they eat other dead cockroaches.

For more information, contact us on 0403 245 599 or via email