Humans are the perfect hosts for fleas and our pets are affected also. Adult fleas need blood and so they feed on our pets and on us.

The warmer weather is the time fleas can multiply at an alarming rate. So to break this cycle it is most important to put in place an effective flea control programme.

Fleas bites can cause skin irritation and swelling in the bite area. The swelling is red and raised and there will be a single bit in the middle of the swollen area. Disease and sickness (and even death) is this a bit dramatic….. can be caused by fleas.

The Benefits of Conquest Pest Flea Inspections

  • It is SAFE, especially for children and pets.
  • The service will not create disruption to the family, cupboards do not need to be emptied, and there is no need to leave the home while the service is being done.
  • There is generally no odour left after the service.

What the Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technician Will Do

  • The Technician will provide a thorough inspection of the areas requiring the flea treatment, ensuring everything is safe before commencing the flea treatment.
  • A spray will be used around your home. And a service may include a special dust in your roof void and sub floor.
  • Other areas that will be treated are, hard floor surfaces, sofas, rugs, carpets and also under furniture.
  • Outside areas, including patios and pergolas, may also be treated.


  • Conquest Pest and Termite Control use the safest pesticides that are available.
  • It is also recommended that an insect growth regulator be used; this interrupts the life cycle of the flea. ‘IGR’S’ strengthen the treatment and are a safe product to use.
  • Be sure your pet(s) are being treated for fleas.
  • It is important that carpets, rugs and all hard surface areas are given a thorough vacuuming.
  • It is a good idea to use a double bag to dispose of the contents from your vacuum cleaner.
  • We recommend your bedding and your pet’s bedding is washed in hot water.
  • We can ensure a flea free space for you and your pets with your help and co-operation.

For more information, contact us on 0403 245 599 or via email