Rats and mice find our homes very inviting especially in the cooler months because they off the rodents shelter, warmth, food and water.

Rodents Can:

  • Spread sickness and disease to people from their droppings or urine. Or through parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms.
  • Cause pervasive damage to skirting boards, doors, books, furniture and food containers.
  • Infect and spoil food with their urine, droppings or fur.

Rodent Activity Signs Include: 

  • Gnawing – rats gnaw to keep their incisors down, to do this they will use wood, metal, conduit and cables. Bare wires can be exposed when rats gnaw cables, causing short circuits and fires.
  • Rats and Mice can be heard at night. The sounds you will hear include squeaking from mice, and rats clawing and gnawing.
  • Droppings will be found – rats droppings are shiny and malleable when they are new and become dull and hard in a few days, they are up to 12mm long with blunted ends. Droppings from mice are 3-6 mm long and have pointy ends.
  • A rodent’s nest generally is made of cardboard, paper and rags.
  • Greasy smear marks against walls and other vertical services may be found. These are caused when rodents rub their fur along these surfaces.
  • Rat’s burrows may be found – usually next to buildings and waterways.

What the Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technician Will Do

  • The Technician will do an inspection of your home or buildings and inform you of what has been found, and what you can do to prevent or reduce future rodent problems.
  • Rodent bait stations are placed at various key locations inside and around your home. The rodent bait stations hold the bait within a secure area insuring secondary poisoning of other animals is reduced to almost zero.
  • Where baits cannot be used specially designed traps can be set up.
  • Tracking powders may need to be used.
  • The Technician will explain ways which you can implement to make your home less attractive to rodents such as:
    1) Not leaving rubbish indoors over night, and reducing the availability of food and water for the rodents.
    2) Or using simple methods such as attaching mesh over holes therefore preventing rodent’s entry into your home.


For more information, contact us on 0403 245 599 or via email info@conquestpest.com.