As all homes are unique, the Technician will discuss the service that is best suited to your home on the day of the service.

What the Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technician Will Do


  • The Technician will spot treat any live spiders in every room inside your home.
  • He will ask you to remove any webs inside your home one week after the service.

The Roof:

  • The Technician will use a dusting powder in this area. Being mindful of any open airways into the home, so that all powder applied is retained within the roof area. This is done to kill off insects in the roof, which the spiders may feed on. By taking away the food source, the risk of spiders living and breeding in this area is reduced.


  • The Technician will apply liquid chemical to areas including – the eaves, window and door frames, and any cracks and crevices where spiders are active.
  • Liquid chemical is applied to other outside structures such as lawn lockers etc.

How the Chemicals Work

  • This service is effective immediately spiders come into contact with it. It attacks the spider’s nervous system.
  • The Technician will target any live spiders on the day of the service, and the chemical applied to cracks and crevices will affect any spiders living in these places.
  • The service works on active spiders at the time of the service.
  • However you home is not protected against new spiders entering your home. This is why it is important to remove any new webs as soon as you see them.

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