All Termite inspections are done in accordance with the Australian standards. All houses and structures are inspected inside and out including the roof void (where accessible). Yard, garden, tree stumps and posts within 50 metres of the house or structure are inspected and at the conclusion of the inspection a written report is given. We also use a moisture meter and Termatrac during inspections as well as a boroscope when required.


The Benefits of Conquest Pest Termite Inspections

  • All areas that are accessible are inspected – the roof, inside, outside and under the house. Yard, fences and trees that are within 50 meters of the building within the boundaries of the property.
  • If the Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technician cannot gain access to an area, he will discuss ways to make the area accessible for him to be able to inspect the area that may be at risk of termite activity.
  • The Technician will provide you with a detailed written report which is in compliance with the Australian Standards.

What the Report Covers

  • Areas that are inspected.
  • Areas that are non-accessible and obstructed.
  • Reasons for non-accessibility.
  • All areas where evidence of activity has been found.
  • Type of termites that have been found.
  • The situation of ventilation and drainage under your home, as termites can be attracted to poor conditions.
  • The potential of damage the activity can cause, this can be moderate, moderate to extensive or extensive. This information will be identified in the report.
  • If and where a termite nest has been located.
  • The extent of termite damage found in your home. This will range from moderate to extensive.
  • The condition of the ant caps under your home will be detailed.
  • The Technician will also report the drainage and ventilation conditions.
  • The areas of risk where termite attack may happen.
  • The degree of risk of a termite attack to your home from moderate to high.


  • The advice you receive will be most helpful, as you will know where in your home is at risk from termites, and ways you can make your home less attractive to termites.
  • The Technician will explain the report to you in detail after the inspection.
  • All Conquest Pest and Termite Technicians are trained in termite inspection, timber technology and building construction methods that apply to the industry.
  • The treatment that is recommended will be decided upon by what will be best suited for your home. Safety factors will also be taken into account; such as if the activity is located where there may be human contact the Technician will use a treatment that is safe for you and your family.
  • Conquest Pest and Termite Control Technicians use conventional ways of detecting termite activity, such as a torch, screwdriver and a probing tool, these are used to listen to the timbers around your home. Termatrac moisture meters and Bore scopes are other types of equipment used to monitor and thoroughly inspect your home.
  • Conquest Pest and Termite Control recommend home owners get a regular termite inspection for their home, this will ensure a peace of mind that their home is monitored against the attack of termites, and if termite activity is located, procedures can be put in place before major damage occurs.

For more information, contact us on (07) 3882 4656 or via email info@conquestpest.com.